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Blue Lacy Size & Dimensions – How Big Are They?

Blue Lacys are considered a medium-sized dog.

Blue Lacy Size & Dimensions
Weight:16-25 kg.
Height:46-61 cm (18-24 inches).
Body Length:50-70 cm (20-28 inches).
Note: Body Length is measured from the base of the tail to the centre of the chest bone & Height is measured from the bottom of the foot to the top of the shoulder (Withers Height)

How Big Are Blue Lacys Compared to Other Breeds?

Blue Lacys fall within the medium size category, standing taller than very small breeds like the Dachshund or the Shih Tzu, but smaller than larger breeds such as the Labrador Retriever or the German Shepherd. They share a similar size range with other medium-sized working breeds like the Australian Cattle Dog and the Border Collie. While they are more compact compared to large breeds like the Great Dane or the Mastiff, Blue Lacys possess a sturdy build and agile physique, making them versatile working dogs within their size range.

How Much Variation in Size Is There Amongst Different Blue Lacys?

Blue Lacys typically exhibit minimal variation in size, aligning closely with breed standards regarding height and weight. However, subtle distinctions may arise due to individual factors such as genetics and dietary habits. To assess a Blue Lacy’s weight status, one should be able to discern their ribs with gentle pressure, ensuring they’re palpable without being overly pronounced. A visible waistline when observed from above and a slight abdominal tuck when viewed from the side indicate a healthy weight. Sustaining their well-being necessitates a regimen of regular exercise and a balanced diet, crucial for maintaining optimal health and weight.

When do Blue Lacys Stop Growing?

Blue Lacys, typically stop growing and reach their full size by the time they are about 1 to 1.5 years old. However, this can vary slightly based on the individual dog’s genetics, health, and environmental factors.

During their growth phase, a Blue Lacy puppy will go through several stages, starting with rapid physical development, followed by more gradual growth. In the initial months, they will gain size quickly, and this pace will slow down as they approach their full adult size.

Even after a Blue Lacy puppy has reached what appears to be its full height, it may continue to fill out in muscle and girth. Therefore, while they may not get taller after about 1.5 years of age, they may still continue to develop in physique and weight until they are about 2 years old. This is particularly true for active breeds like the Blue Lacy, known for their muscular build and working dog lineage.

Can You Predict the Size of Blue Lacys When it is a Puppy?

To predict the size a Blue Lacy puppy will grow to be, one can look at the pup’s paws and the size of its parents, as these are often good indicators. Puppies with larger paws may grow into larger sizes, indicating that they have some growing to do to fill out their frame. Breeders and veterinarians can also use growth charts and knowledge of the specific bloodline to make more accurate predictions.

Essential Items Size Guide for Blue Lacy

ItemSize CategoryMeasurementWhy
CrateLarge107×71 cm (42×28 in)Provides ample space for comfort and security for a medium-sized dog like the Blue Lacy.
BedLarge91×61 cm (36×24 in)Offers a comfortable resting area suitable for the size of a Blue Lacy.
KennelLarge122×76 cm (48×30 in)Provides a spacious outdoor shelter without being excessively large for a medium-sized dog.
CollarMedium35-45 cm (14-18 in)Fits their neck comfortably for secure leash attachment and control.

Blue Lacy Size & Dimensions – How Big Are They?