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English Setter Size & Dimensions – How Big Are They?

What Size Dog is an English Setter?

English Setters are considered to be a large breed of dog. They are known for their grace and athleticism, as well as their unique speckled coats. The breed displays some variation in size, with dogs bred for the show ring often being on the larger and heavier end of the spectrum, while those bred for field work might be lighter and more agile.

In comparison to other breeds, English Setters are generally not as large as some of the giant breeds like Great Danes or Mastiffs, but they are larger than breeds classified as medium, such as Cocker Spaniels or Bulldogs. They share a similar size range with other large breeds like Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers, but the Setters may have a leaner build due to their heritage as active gundogs bred for endurance in the field.

Their size is complemented by a gentle and friendly demeanor, making them popular both as working dogs and family pets. It’s also worth noting that, like all breeds, individual English Setters can vary in size due to a number of factors, including diet, exercise and genetics.

English Setter Weight – How Much Should English Setters Weight?

The average weight of an English Setter can vary, but they typically weigh between 20 to 30 kilograms. Males are generally on the higher end of this range and can be larger than females.

There is no significant difference in weight among English Setters based on color. However, there can be a variation between different types, such as those bred for field work or for show. Field-bred English Setters may be on the lighter side to enhance their agility and stamina for field work, while show types may be heavier due to their specific breeding standards.

To determine if an English Setter is the right weight, owners should look for a balanced figure where the ribs are not visibly protruding, but can be felt with a slight covering of fat. The waist should be discernible when viewed from above and the belly should tuck up from the chest to the hind legs when viewed from the side.

Veterinarians typically use a body condition score (BCS) to assess if a dog is at an ideal weight, which is a scale that examines physical appearance and palpable fat at key body points. A score is given on a scale, often from 1 to 9, with 1 being too thin, 9 being obese and 4-5 considered ideal. Maintaining an English Setter at an appropriate weight is crucial for their overall health and can help prevent issues related to being underweight or overweight. Regular check-ups with a vet can also help ensure a dog is maintaining a healthy weight.

English Setter Height – How Tall are English Setters?

The average height of an English Setter is typically between 61 to 68 centimeters at the shoulder for males and slightly less for females. There isn’t a difference in height based on the color of the dog, but like with weight, there may be some slight variation between the field and show types. Field-bred English Setters could be on the smaller side compared to their show-bred counterparts, due to the different physical demands placed on field dogs.

Height can be influenced by genetics, nutrition and overall health, just like weight. To determine if an English Setter is at a good height, a veterinarian can measure the dog and compare it to breed standards, although individual variation is always a factor. A dog’s height is measured from the ground to the withers, which is the highest point of a dog’s shoulder blades.

English Setter Length – How Long are English Setters?

The average length of an English Setter, which is typically measured from the point of the chest to the base of the tail, is not a commonly cited measurement like height and weight. Breed standards usually focus on height and weight rather than length, as proportions are more critical in judging the overall build and appearance of the dog.

In general, English Setters are longer than they are tall, exhibiting a rectangular body shape with a strong, level back. The ideal proportions for an English Setter would typically have the dog’s body slightly longer than its height at the withers, providing a balanced and elegant appearance that is characteristic of the breed.

To get a specific measurement for the average length of an English Setter, you would usually look for breed-specific information provided by kennel clubs or breed associations. Since the exact length can vary significantly with each individual dog, it would be best to refer to breed standards or consult with breeders for more precise information. A veterinarian or professional breeder could also provide guidance on the typical proportions for English Setters.

When do English Setters Stop Growing?

English Setters, like many larger breeds of dogs, typically take longer to reach their full size compared to smaller breeds. They usually continue growing in height until they are about 18 months old, but they can fill out and add muscle until they are around 2 to 2.5 years old. During their puppy phase, which lasts up to 6 months, they will experience the most rapid period of growth.

The term “fully grown” refers to the point at which a dog has reached both its maximum height and has filled out to its proper weight and muscle mass. For English Setters, being fully grown will happen once they have finished both their height growth and their more gradual process of filling out.

As puppies, English Setters can be quite energetic and will require a diet that supports both their growth and their energy needs. It’s important to monitor their development and adjust their diet accordingly to prevent issues like overgrowth or excessive weight gain, which can be detrimental to their overall health and bone development. Regular veterinary check-ups can help ensure that an English Setter puppy is on the right track to becoming a healthy, fully grown adult dog.

Can You Predict the Size of English Setters When it is a Puppy?

Predicting the exact size of an English Setter when it’s still a puppy involves considering several factors, including the size of the puppy’s parents and its paws, which can give an indication of its adult size. Breeders often provide the most accurate estimate based on their knowledge of the lineage of the puppy. Generally, by examining the growth patterns of the parents, one can predict whether a puppy will be on the larger or smaller end of the breed’s standard size range.

What Size Crate For English Setters?

The correct size crate for an English Setter should be large enough for the dog to stand up without ducking its head, turn around comfortably and lie down stretched out. Typically, a 42-inch crate is suitable for adult English Setters. If the crate is for a puppy, it’s practical to choose a crate that fits its expected adult size and use dividers to reduce the space for the puppy to prevent it from soiling its sleeping area.

What Size Bed For an English Setter?

The right size bed for an English Setter should allow the dog to lie flat, stretch out and turn around easily. Generally, a large to extra-large dog bed, depending on the specific size of the dog, measuring around 40 inches in length, would be suitable for most English Setters.

What Size Kennel For an English Setter?

Choosing the best size kennel for an English Setter follows similar guidelines as selecting a crate. It should have enough room for the dog to move comfortably. For outdoor kennels, it’s important to provide ample space for exercise. A kennel measuring 6 feet by 12 feet can be considered a good starting point, ensuring enough room for shelter, movement and play.

What Size Collar For an English Setter?

The best size collar for an English Setter typically ranges from 18 to 24 inches, depending on the individual dog’s neck size. The collar should fit snugly, allowing for two fingers to slip easily between the collar and the dog’s neck to ensure it’s not too tight. Adjustable collars are ideal for achieving a good fit.

English Setter Size & Dimensions – How Big Are They?