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Leonberger Size & Dimensions – How Big Are They?

Leonbergers are considered a Very Large dog.

Leonberger Size & Dimensions
Weight:45-77 kg.
Height:72-80 cm (28-31 inches)
Body Length:80-90 cm.
Note: Body Length is measured from the base of the tail to the centre of the chest bone & Height is measured from the bottom of the foot to the top of the shoulder (Withers Height)

How Big Are Leonbergers Compared to Other Breeds?

Leonbergers stand out in the canine world for their imposing size and lion-like appearance, making them one of the largest breeds alongside other giants such as the Great Dane and Mastiff. Despite their massive stature, they are notably larger and more robust than breeds like the Labrador Retriever or German Shepherd, yet they share a gentle temperament with other large breeds such as the Newfoundland and Saint Bernard, which are also known for their considerable size and strength. This distinction in size and build places Leonbergers in a unique category, often attracting attention for their blend of size, power, and gentle demeanor.

How Much Variation in Size Is There Amongst Different Leonbergers?

There is moderate variation in size amongst Leonbergers, with males typically being larger than females. Males can stand 28-31.5 inches at the shoulder and weigh 110-170 pounds, while females are slightly smaller. To determine if a Leonberger is at a healthy weight, look for a well-defined waist when viewed from above and the ability to feel but not see their ribs under a thin layer of fat. Consistent exercise and a balanced diet are key to maintaining their health and weight.

When do Leonbergers Stop Growing?

Leonbergers, take a longer time to reach their full size compared to smaller breeds. As a puppy, a Leonberger will experience rapid growth during its first few months of life. This growth rate typically starts to slow down as they approach their first year. Most Leonbergers will have achieved the majority of their height by the time they are around 18 months old. However, they will continue to fill out, gaining muscle and body mass, until they are about 2 to 3 years of age.

Can You Predict the Size of Leonbergers When it is a Puppy?

Predicting the exact size of a Leonberger puppy as it matures can be challenging due to genetic diversity and individual growth rates, but you can get a reasonable estimate by looking at the size of the puppy’s parents and grandparents. Breeders often provide insights into the expected size of their litters based on historical data from previous litters. Additionally, observing the puppy’s paw size can give clues to its adult size, as larger paws typically indicate a larger adult dog.

Essential Items Size Guide for Leonberger

ItemSize CategoryMeasurementWhy
CrateVery Large125×75 cm (49×29.5 inches)Leonbergers need ample space to stand, turn, and lie down comfortably due to their large size.
BedVery Large140×100 cm (55×39 inches)Provides enough room for a Leonberger to stretch out fully and rest comfortably.
KennelVery Large150×100 cm (59×39 inches)Ensures adequate space for shelter, movement, and comfort in an outdoor setting.
CollarLarge55-65 cm (22-26 inches)Adequate length to fit the large neck size of a Leonberger comfortably without being too tight.

Leonberger Size & Dimensions – How Big Are They?