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How Do Pitbulls See? Are they Colourblind, How is Their Vision in the Dark & What Colours Can They See?

Curious about how your Pitbull experiences the world visually? Ever wondered if their night vision is better than yours? Or what colours they can distinguish?

How Do Pitbulls See?

Just like their canine brethren, Pitbulls perceive their environment differently from humans. Their eyes are fine-tuned to detect motion, which historically served them well in hunting scenarios. Although their color perception and detail discernment differ from ours, it doesn’t hinder their ability to engage with their environment.

Dog Eye Structure/Anatomy

Canine eyes, including those of Pitbulls, have many similarities with human eyes – they both contain corneas, lenses, retinas, and optic nerves. However, dogs have a unique layer of cells, the Tapetum Lucidum, situated behind the retina that improves their low light vision.

How Does a Pitbull’s Eyesight Differ From Humans?

Pitbulls, like other dogs, possess dichromatic vision, meaning they see blue and yellow, but struggle with red and green. Their field of view is typically wider than ours (approximately 250 degrees compared to our 180 degrees) which bolsters their peripheral vision. In contrast to humans, Pitbulls can’t see as far or as detailed, but they do excel in low light conditions.

Can Pitbulls See in the Dark?

Indeed, Pitbulls possess superior night vision compared to humans. Their Tapetum Lucidum reflects light back through the retina, thus enhancing their vision in dim light1. It’s worth noting that they can’t see in complete darkness – they still require some light to navigate.

What Colours Can Pitbulls See?

Contrary to the belief that dogs see in black and white, Pitbulls do perceive colours, albeit differently from us. Their dichromatic vision enables them to discern blue and yellow, but they likely perceive red and green as shades of grey.

Why Do Pitbull’s Eyes Glow in the Dark (and in Pictures)?

The ‘glow’ you notice in your Pitbull’s eyes in the dark or in photos is the reflection from the Tapetum Lucidum. When light hits this layer, it’s reflected back through the retina, resulting in a glow.

How Does a Pitbull’s Eyesight Compare With Other Breeds?

Vision varies across dog breeds, primarily due to differences in skull shape and breed function. Breeds developed for speed and hunting, such as Greyhounds, typically have superior peripheral vision compared to Pitbulls.

How Does a Pitbull’s Eyesight Compare With Other Animals?

Comparing Pitbull vision to other animals reveals a wide range of visual adaptations. For example, birds of prey boast sharp vision to spot prey from high altitudes, whereas cats have an abundance of rod cells for excellent night vision.

How Can You Check Your Pitbull’s Vision?

Changes in behaviour or physical appearance of the eyes may indicate potential vision problems in your Pitbull. If they’re bumping into furniture or show hesitation in low light, it could signal vision issues. For a comprehensive vision check, consult a veterinary ophthalmologist.

Common Eye Conditions in Pitbulls

Pitbulls are prone to several eye conditions, including Progressive Retinal Atrophy, cataracts, and Cherry Eye. Regular eye check-ups can help with early detection and treatment.

Pitbulls may not see the world as colourfully or sharply as humans, but their vision is perfectly adapted to their needs. A better understanding of their visual perspective can enhance our interactions with them and deepen our appreciation for these beloved companions.

How Do Pitbulls See? Are they Colourblind, How is Their Vision in the Dark & What Colours Can They See?