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How Much Do Poodles Drool?

Poodles are considered low droolers compared to some other breeds. They have relatively small salivary glands, which contribute to their minimal drooling. However, it’s essential to note that drooling tendencies can vary among individual Poodles. Some may not drool at all, while others may drool occasionally, especially when they are excited or anticipating food.

Physical Factors That Influence Poodles Drool

  • Salivary gland size: Poodles have relatively small salivary glands, resulting in reduced saliva production and less drooling.
  • Lip and jowl structure: The shape and size of Poodles’ lips and jowls can affect their ability to control drooling, with Poodles having tighter lips than breeds with loose jowls.

Behavioral Factors That Influence Poodles Drool

  • Excitement and anticipation: Poodles may drool slightly when excited or anticipating a reward, such as treats or playtime.
  • Stress and anxiety: Similar to humans, stress or anxiety can cause an increase in saliva production and, consequently, drooling in Poodles.

How Do They Compare to Other Breeds?

When it comes to drooling, Poodles generally rank among the breeds that drool less. Compared to breeds with more pronounced jowls and larger salivary glands, Poodles are considered a low drool breed. Breeds like the St. Bernard or the Bloodhound, which have loose and droopy lips, are typically high droolers. However, it’s essential to remember that individual variations can occur within any breed.

Health Issues That Can Cause Excessive Drooling in Poodles

While Poodles are not known for excessive drooling, certain health issues can lead to abnormal drooling. Being aware of these potential problems can help in prompt identification and treatment.

  • Dental problems: Gum disease, dental infections, or oral pain can cause increased drooling in Poodles.
  • Medical conditions: Nausea, mouth sores, or salivary gland disorders may lead to excessive drooling.

How to Manage Poodle Drool

If you’re concerned about managing your Poodle’s drooling, there are several practical steps you can take:

  • Regular grooming: Keeping your Poodle’s face and mouth clean can help minimize drool-related mess.
  • Use a drool towel: Keep a designated towel or cloth handy to wipe your Poodle’s mouth when necessary.
  • Positive reinforcement: Train your Poodle to remain calm during exciting or anticipatory situations to reduce drooling triggers.
  • Regular dental care: Good oral hygiene can prevent dental issues that might cause excess drooling.

Do Poodles Drool – A Lot, a Little, or Not at All?