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What Do Pugs Look Like? – Pug Pictures, Images & Photos

Pug Physical Appearance

Pugs possess a unique and charming physical appearance that sets them apart from other dog breeds. They have a compact and muscular build, with a sturdy body structure. Their head is relatively large in proportion to their body and their face exhibits several distinctive features. One notable feature is their wrinkled forehead, which adds to their adorable and expressive facial expressions. Pugs also have a short snout and a pushed-in nose, known as a brachycephalic trait, which gives them their characteristic “flat-faced” look.

Pug Size & Weight

Pugs fall into the small-sized breed category. On average, adult pugs stand about 10 to 11 inches tall at the shoulder (25 to 28 cm) and typically weigh between 14 to 18 pounds (6 to 8 kg). However, it is important to note that individual pugs may vary slightly in size and weight. Some pugs may be slightly smaller or larger than the average, but they should still maintain the breed’s overall proportion and body structure.

Pug Coat Colour & Texture

Pugs exhibit a range of coat colors, with the most common being fawn, black and silver. The fawn coat color can vary in shade, ranging from a light tan to a deep apricot. Black pugs have a solid black coat, while silver pugs have a lighter coat with a silver sheen. It is worth noting that coat color variations can exist within each category. The coat texture of a pug is short and smooth, with a dense and glossy appearance.

Pug Eye Color & Shape

Pugs typically have dark and prominent eyes. The eye color is usually black or dark brown, which complements their facial expressions. Their eyes are relatively large and round, contributing to their endearing and expressive look. While dark colors are most common, some pugs may have lighter eye colors, such as hazel. The eyes of a pug are set relatively far apart, enhancing their wide-eyed and attentive appearance.

Pug Ear Shape & Size

Pugs have distinct ears that are soft, thin and folded forward. The shape of their ears is often referred to as “rose” or “button” ears. Rose ears fold inward, partially covering the ear canal, while button ears fold forward, resting against the skull. These ear shapes are unique to the pug breed and add to their charming facial features. In terms of size, pug ears are relatively small compared to the size of their head.

Pug Tail Length & Shape

The tail of a pug is naturally curled and typically rests tightly over the hip. This curl is referred to as a “double curl” or a “screw” tail. The pug’s tail is set high and is carried in a compact manner. The tightly curled tail is a distinguishing feature of the breed and is an important characteristic to look for when identifying a pug.

Understanding the physical appearance of pugs is crucial for those considering adding them to their family. By familiarizing yourself with their distinct features, including their compact body structure, wrinkled forehead, short snout, pushed-in nose, coat color, eye color, ear shape & tail length, you can better appreciate the unique and endearing qualities of pugs. Ultimately, this knowledge will help you determine if a pug is the right companion for your family.

What Do Pugs Look Like? – Pug Pictures, Images & Photos