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Do Shar Peis Drool – A Lot, a Little, or Not at All?

Shar Peis, with their distinctive wrinkled appearance and calm demeanor, have captured the hearts of many dog enthusiasts. As you consider welcoming a Shar Pei into your home, you may wonder about their drooling habits.

How Much Do Shar Peis Drool?

Shar Peis are not considered heavy droolers like some other breeds, such as the Saint Bernard or the English Bulldog. However, they are not entirely dry-mouthed either. The amount of drooling varies from one individual to another and can be influenced by various factors, including physical and behavioral aspects.

Typically, Shar Peis will exhibit some drooling after drinking water or eating, as is normal with most dog breeds. Some Shar Peis may drool more during hot weather or after engaging in physical activities.

Common Misconceptions About Shar Pei Drooling

There are several common misconceptions surrounding Shar Pei drooling habits that need clarification. Understanding these myths can help potential Shar Pei owners make informed decisions about welcoming this breed into their homes:

  • Myth 1: All Shar Peis Drool Excessively: Contrary to popular belief, not all Shar Peis are heavy droolers. While they do drool, it is usually not excessive compared to some other breeds.
  • Myth 2: More Wrinkles Mean More Drooling: While the presence of facial wrinkles can contribute to drooling to some extent due to trapped saliva, it is not the sole factor determining the intensity of drooling in Shar Peis.

Physical Factors That Influence Shar Peis Drool

Shar Peis have unique physical characteristics that can affect their drooling tendencies. Understanding these factors can shed light on the reasons behind their drooling behavior:

  • Loose, Wrinkled Skin: The Shar Pei’s loose and wrinkled skin, particularly around the face and neck, may trap saliva and lead to occasional drooling.
  • Short Muzzle and Brachycephalic Skull: The breed’s short muzzle and brachycephalic skull structure can make swallowing saliva less efficient, potentially resulting in increased drooling.

Behavioral Factors That Influence Shar Peis Drool

In addition to physical factors, certain behaviors and emotional states can influence the drooling tendencies of Shar Peis:

  • Anxiety and Stress: Like any dog, Shar Peis may produce more saliva and drool when feeling anxious or stressed.
  • Excitement and Anticipation: Some Shar Peis may experience mild drooling in moments of excitement or anticipation.

How Do They Compare to Other Breeds?

When compared to heavy droolers like the Saint Bernard or the Bloodhound, Shar Peis generally drool less. Breeds with loose facial skin, such as the Mastiff or the Bloodhound, are more likely to have significant drooling due to the skin’s anatomy. On the other hand, dry-mouthed breeds, like the Basenji or the Greyhound, produce minimal saliva and exhibit very little drooling.

Health Issues That Can Cause Excessive Drooling in Shar Peis

Excessive drooling in Shar Peis can sometimes be a sign of underlying health issues. Several conditions may contribute to increased drooling, including:

  • Dental Problems: Periodontal disease, tooth decay, or oral infections can lead to excessive drooling in any dog, including Shar Peis.
  • Mouth Injuries: Cuts, burns, or foreign objects stuck in the mouth can cause increased drooling due to pain or irritation.
  • Gastrointestinal Issues: Nausea, indigestion, or gastrointestinal infections can result in excessive saliva production and drooling.

Can Drooling be a Health Issue for Shar Peis?

While drooling is a natural behavior for dogs, excessive and sudden changes in drooling patterns can indicate health concerns. If you notice significant changes in your Shar Pei’s drooling behavior, it is essential to seek veterinary attention. A thorough examination can help identify and address any underlying health issues promptly.

How to Manage Shar Pei Drool

If you’re considering welcoming a Shar Pei into your home or are already a proud owner, managing drooling can be made easier with these tips:

  • Maintain Good Oral Hygiene: Regularly brush your Shar Pei’s teeth and schedule routine dental check-ups to prevent dental problems that could lead to excessive drooling.
  • Keep Wrinkles Clean and Dry: Pay special attention to cleaning and drying the facial wrinkles to minimize bacteria buildup and potential skin irritations.
  • Provide Adequate Water: Ensure your Shar Pei has access to fresh water, especially during hot weather or after physical activities.
  • Training and Behavior Management: Train your dog to respond positively to stressful situations, reducing anxiety-induced drooling.

Understanding Shar Pei drooling habits is crucial for providing optimal care for these lovable and unique dogs. While Shar Peis are not heavy droolers, it’s essential to be aware of potential health issues and manage drooling accordingly. By offering proper care and attention, you can enjoy a rewarding and drool-friendly companionship with your Shar Pei.

Do Shar Peis Drool – A Lot, a Little, or Not at All?