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What Do Shar Peis Look Like? – Chinese Shar Pei Pictures, Images & Photos

Shar Pei Physical Appearance:

The Shar Pei’s appearance is defined by its wrinkled skin, which is caused by excessive loose skin and subcutaneous tissue. This unique feature was originally developed to protect the breed from injuries during fights, as the skin allowed opponents to bite and grip without causing significant harm. The folds and wrinkles are most prominent around the head, neck and shoulders, giving Shar Peis their distinctive appearance. These wrinkles should be embraced and are an essential characteristic of the breed.

Shar Pei Size & Weight:

Shar Peis are medium-sized dogs with a compact and muscular frame. On average, males stand between 18 to 20 inches (45 to 51 cm) at the shoulder, while females are slightly smaller, measuring around 17 to 19 inches (43 to 48 cm). As for weight, males typically weigh between 55 to 65 pounds (25 to 29 kg) and females weigh around 45 to 55 pounds (20 to 25 kg). However, it is essential to remember that there can be variations within the breed, so these measurements may not apply to all individual dogs.

Shar Pei Coat Colour & Texture:

Shar Peis come in a range of coat colors, including fawn, cream, red, black and blue. Some may also have a dilute version of these colors. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) breed standard, solid colors are preferable and while some limited shading is acceptable, any significant deviation from the breed standard may be considered a fault in dog shows.

Regarding the coat texture, Shar Peis have a unique bristly, rough and short double coat that stands on end due to the loose skin. This distinctive coat requires regular maintenance to keep it clean and healthy, as the wrinkles can trap dirt and moisture.

Shar Pei Eye Colour & Shape:

The Shar Pei’s eyes are a prominent feature, contributing to their characteristic expression. The breed standard allows for eye colors in shades of brown, amber and hazel. The shape of the eyes is almond-like, which gives them an alert and inquisitive look. Proper care should be taken to keep the eyes clean and free from any irritation, as the wrinkles around the eyes can sometimes trap debris.

Shar Pei Ear Shape & Size:

Shar Peis have small, high-set ears that are triangular in shape. They fold neatly over the head and when the dog is alert, the ears stand slightly away from the skull. This feature adds to their unique appearance and helps enhance their expressive facial characteristics.

Shar Pei Tail Length & Shape:

The tail of a Shar Pei is set high and curls over the back in a tight, characteristic “corkscrew” manner. This tail shape is a defining trait of the breed and is one of the reasons why Shar Peis are so easily recognizable.

Shar Peis are a fascinating breed with distinct physical features that make them stand out from other dog breeds. From their wrinkled skin to their unique tail shape, each aspect of their appearance contributes to their charm and appeal. As potential owners, understanding the physical traits of Shar Peis will help you decide if this breed is the right fit for your family. Remember that owning a Shar Pei requires commitment and proper care, including regular grooming to maintain their unique coat and overall health.

What Do Shar Peis Look Like? – Chinese Shar Pei Pictures, Images & Photos