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Sheepadoodle Size & Dimensions – How Big Are They?

Sheepadoodles are considered a medium to large dog.

Sheepadoodle Size & Dimensions
Weight:18-36 kg.
Height:56-71 cm (22-28 inches) at the shoulder.
Body Length:50-70 cm.
Note: Body Length is measured from the base of the tail to the centre of the chest bone & Height is measured from the bottom of the foot to the top of the shoulder (Withers Height)

How Big Are Sheepadoodles Compared to Other Breeds?

Sheepadoodles, akin to their Sheepdog lineage, rather than the smaller, more varied sizes seen in Poodles. They typically overshadow breeds like the Labrador Retriever and the Golden Retriever in both stature and fluffiness, yet they usually don’t reach the massive size of the Great Dane. Compared to medium breeds such as the Border Collie or the Australian Shepherd, Sheepadoodles are notably larger, making them stand out for their size and distinctive, cuddly appearance among a wide array of dog breeds.

How Much Variation in Size Is There Amongst Different Sheepadoodles?

There is considerable variation in size amongst Sheepadoodles, largely due to the difference in size between the Poodle parents, which can range from Toy to Standard sizes. This variation can result in Sheepadoodles that are medium to large in size, with their weight and height largely depending on the size and genetics of the Poodle parent.

To determine if a Sheepadoodle is at a healthy weight, observe their body shape and feel their ribs. You should be able to feel their ribs without a thick layer of fat, and their waist should be visible when viewed from above. A tucked abdomen, visible from the side, is another indicator of a healthy weight.

When do Sheepadoodles Stop Growing?

Sheepadoodles, like many other dog breeds, experience most of their rapid growth during their ‘puppy’ phase. The growth rate and time it takes for a Sheepadoodle to become ‘fully grown’ can vary depending on factors such as genetics, diet, environment and overall health.

  • Standard Sheepadoodle: They typically reach their adult size by the age of 12-18 months. While they might achieve their full height by 12 months, they may continue to fill out, gaining muscle and fat until they’re about 18 months old.
  • Mini Sheepadoodle: Mini variants usually become fully grown a bit earlier than their standard counterparts. Most will reach their full height and weight by the age of 10-14 months.
  • Toy Sheepadoodle: Being the smallest variant, toy Sheepadoodles tend to reach their adult size the fastest. Many will be fully grown by the time they’re 8-12 months old.

Can You Predict the Size of Sheepadoodles When it is a Puppy?

Predicting the exact size of a Sheepadoodle when it is a puppy can be challenging due to various factors including genetics, diet and overall health. However, breeders often use the size of the puppy’s parents as a general guide. Observing the growth patterns of previous litters, if available, can also give an indication.

Essential Items Size Guide for Sheepadoodle

ItemSize CategoryMeasurementWhy
CrateLarge107×71 cm (42×28 inches)A larger crate accommodates their size, ensuring comfort for resting and turning around.
BedLarge110×85 cm (43×33 inches)Provides ample space for stretching out, supporting restful sleep.
KennelLarge125×80 cm (49×31.5 inches)Offers sufficient room for movement and comfort, suitable for their large size.
CollarLarge45-55 cm (18-22 inches) adjustableEnsures a comfortable fit around the neck, allowing for easy adjustments as needed.

Sheepadoodle Size & Dimensions – How Big Are They?