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Editorial Guidelines and Code of Ethics Editorial Guidelines and Code of Ethics  

Written by the team (September 2023)

Understanding the intricacies and wonders of the animal kingdom is vital for many of us. Our primary goal is to deliver accurate, insightful, and informative content about animals, to help you enhance your knowledge and foster a deeper connection with the natural world.

Our team of content creators, endeavours to present unbiased and factual information about animals. Review scores, where applied, are based on the relevancy, accuracy, and comprehensiveness of the content, comparing it with other similar sources available. 

In our commitment to the highest editorial standards, we prioritise and work tirelessly to manually fact-check and validate the accuracy of information.

Our Relationship with Affiliates and Brands  

While we may collaborate with various brands, organisations, or individuals in the animal and conservation sector, it doesn’t influence our content’s integrity. Where any support or collaboration exists, we have been transparent about it in our content.

Advertising Policy  

To sustain our operations, we sometimes partner with advertisers. However, these partnerships do not dictate our editorial content. If there’s a commercial interest linked to any content, we maintain transparency about this relationship.

Guidelines for Advertising on  

1. Review of Advertisements:  

We decide the type of ads displayed on our platform and have the right to reject or remove ads for any reason. If an ad is declined or removed, we’ll promptly notify the advertiser and provide an explanation.

2. No Endorsement:  

Advertisements do not equate to endorsements by If our editorial team ever rates or discusses products or services, it’s based solely on merit, not on advertising relationships.

3. Prohibited Advertisements:  

Ads that are inaccurate, misleading, or in poor taste will not be accepted. Advertisements should not defame, slander, or harm any individual or group based on age, origin, race, religion, gender, orientation, or disability. Ads should not promote harmful, illegal, or controversial products or services. They must clearly identify the advertiser and not mimic editorial content.

4. Clear Distinction from Editorial Content:  

We clearly separate advertisements from our editorial content. All ads are easily identifiable, and interacting with them typically redirects to the advertiser’s site.

5. Transparency on Sponsored Content:  

Content that has been paid for or sponsored will be clearly labelled. Suggestions from sponsors do not necessarily influence the final content, and they don’t get prior approval rights.
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